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Dr. Zaki Afzal | co-owner


Dr. Zaki Afzal is a leading physical therapist in Las Vegas who helps active adults, athletes and lifters get rid of pain and get back to the workouts and sports they love without pain medications, injections or surgeries.​ He has a doctorate in Physical Therapy, obtained from Touro University Nevada, and went on to complete an Orthopedic fellowship at Ohio State University. He is the owner of Optimize Physical Therapy & Performance and co-owner of the Movement Lab.


As a weightlifter that's been through injuries that healthcare providers had a hard time figuring out, Zaki gets it. He's been through many of the challenges you're going through right now, and he understands what it's like to be worried you'll never be able to enjoy being active again without fear of pain. It's both mentally and emotionally draining, and it just doesn't have to be that way.

Zaki takes pride in keeping active adults, athletes and lifters active in their game, working out and being fit & active for life.


Dr. Ryan Stabler | DPT


My name is Ryan Stabler, a physical therapist and NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist here at the MVMT Lab. I have a passion for helping others achieve their health and fitness goals, and specialize in working with active adults and athletes of all varieties. I have been an athlete my entire life and have a good understanding of the demands we put on our bodies to improve and maintain athletic performance. I wish to share my knowledge and experiences to help empower those around me and provide the best possible care here in the Las Vegas Valley.


I received my undergraduate education from Southern Utah University with a degree in exercise science and nutrition. I then graduated from Touro University of Nevada with my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. I have nearly a decade of training and coaching experience which I use to improve the outcomes of all clients I come in contact with. Outside of work, my hobbies include powerlifting, traveling to all the national parks, camping every chance I get, and anything else that gets me outdoors.  


Charles Pachas | Exercise Specialist


My name is Charlie Pachas, exercise specialist here at The MVMT Lab. I am 26 years old and born in San Francisco, CA but raised here in Henderson, NV where I like to call home. My educational background revolves around kinesiology, business, and hospitality. I am a pursuing PT student who enjoys being active inside and outside the gym. I love spending time with family watching movies, playing board games and hiking with my dog. I also enjoy adventuring on road trips, reading in my downtime and sharing lots of laughs and smiles with those around me. I firmly believe in the holistic approach on health and fitness as it should always have a place in everyone’s lives. My mission is to help people maximize their movement competencies in ways they never knew they could before

Hours of operation 

Mon-Thu: 8:30AM to 6PM

Friday: 8AM to 12PM

Sat-Sun: Closed

contact us

8475 S Eastern Ave, Unit 105A

Las Vegas NV  89123

Tel: 725-209-2049

Fax: 725-209-2059

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